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5. Structural

These are the structural HTML 5 DOM elements like the header, nav, main, aside and footer.

Just like Elements and Blocks, the Structural are part of the MPS core and therefore most likely not being changed (much).

They are the structural elements of page (e.g. header, main section, navigation and footer). They are nothing more then placeholder directives where the Templates are being loaded and wrapped into.

For designers this part can most likely be skipped – as when the Pieces are created they will be ready to be used in a Page design.

Tho I stated before this part’s code is not to be modified (as Structurals are part of the HTML DOM structure) – but there always can be a wish to add some (off-canvas) structural element to push Partials to – this is place to do that kind of stuff – but note this is a MPS core part – so it’s better to think if there isn’t an other possibility to fulfil the needs.

Code Example


   // Version: 1.1

   if (!isset($classes)) { $classes = ''; }
   if (!isset($template)) { $template = ''; }
   if (!isset($folder)) { $folder = ''; }
   if (!isset($pbmps_origin)) { $pbmps_origin = ''; }


<main class="<?php echo $template; ?><?php echo $classes; ?>" id="<?php echo $template; ?>" type="structural">
   <?php mps_structural($pbmps_origin, $template, $folder); ?>

Tags: <header>, <nav>, <main>, <a-side>, <footer>

Note: n.a.

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